Friday, October 24th, 6PM at the Penn Book Center! 


Comics author and historian Dan Mazur (with Alexander Danner) will be in the store to discuss his new book, Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present (from Thames & Hudson).

The event is free and open to the public; refreshments will be served. 

He will talk about Argentinian comics artist and writer Alberto Breccia whose work was a substantial contribution to Latin American comics and The Year 24 Group, a collective of women comics artists and writers that revolutionized shōjo manga ("girl comics") in 1970's Japan.

POEM of the DAY

 October 24, 2014 

October is Philly Plays Scrabble Month

at the Free Library with the After Schools Activities Partnerships 



Resolution 140699, by Philadelphia City Council

Literacy of its citizens is important to the City 
of Philadelphia, for its workforce,
for parents to help their children, 
and for the city’s economic vibrancy

ASAP/After School Partnerships
has used the extended day 
to show that literacy is achieved in many ways; and

Research has shown that Scrabble 
expands word usage dictionary skills and 
comprehension while having fun; and

During October, adults who love 
the game of Scrabble and are eager to share 
their skills with young people, either for pleasure 
or as competition, can foster learning and create a love 
of words and their meanings; and

Those who enjoy playing competitively 
will have the opportunity to be 
involved in a [sic] non-rated championship matches, 
bringing excitement to the City; now, therefore, be it

Recognize and honor PNC Bank and Comcast who support

Scrabble as a means 

of developing a more literate population, 
and declare October 
as Philly Plays Scrabble Month.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution 
be presented to ASAP/After School Activities Partnership 
and its sponsors—PNC Bank and Comcast 
as sincere sentiments 
of this legislative body.

Line breaks added for emphasis, but the text is verbatim - 


Tell us -- why do you play Scrabble?

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If your reason isn't for 'economic vibrancy'... 

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